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Fund GP

If you are a fund GP we understand your goals.  In today’s landscape giving LP’s the return they deserve as partners is increasingly challenging.  We can help with both sides of the equation. 

Regarding lower middle management deals we look for the type of growth and value that takes your fund economics into account.  We understand those economics.  We take care of the initial due dilligence and only bring forward companies we believe in.    We add a layer of value that is second to none making them the leader in their niche, making them the leaders onine over a five year period, insuring a greater return for you and your LP’s in all five years of the investment.   

If you are raising capital for your new fund we can often play a role at making that process successful.  Please call or email if we haven’t already met.  Since we consider ourselves as having expertise with middle market funds we are very interested to meet directly.