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Strategic Leadership Expertise

We not only bring in the money but the expertise to grow the company with you and to make you an emerging leader in your niche, locally, state-wide, nationally, and globally.  We also provide the important pre-due diligence that makes sure things don’t go wrong along the way.  We get started adding value immediately.

Confidentiality Is One of Our Core Values

We don’t make this investment a public process with the chance that things could scar your business history forever due to some red flag you were unaware even existed.  We take care of due diligence and we start adding value in making your business a leader from the day we begin.

Our Confidential Model

Everything we do puts your trade secrets at a premium.  Confidentiality is our core value and there is a good reason why. We have a fundless sponsor model which means you won’t get stuck in the middle of a deal wishing for the exit door.  There is always an exit door with us and you will receive only the best valuation for your hard earned value.

We Are Invest For The Long Term

We invest for the long term.  Sometimes we will even take the company with you to the next level within five years because we have the ability not only to be active in the first round but also in five years providing the partner to take the company to the next level. We can sometimes structure the investment so we help guide you all the way to the next level.

We are not brokers, representatives or finders.  Our compensation doesn’t come from the transaction but from the actual growth and health of the company in the next five years.  We bring in the money and investment to make you grow, but we also add that layer of value that is an added layer of insurance and ROI for all our partners and for you and your company.