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The future?

This is the strategic horizon.

Charlie Reeds has had a premiere track record in offering strategic insight for the last 18 years to business leaders, CEOs, and Chairmen of large, medium and small sized companies.

Charlie has a premier track record advising clients to take the right actions at the right time and offering new perspectives that they would never have discerned on their own. Charlie has a premier cross industry track record and making the current economic climate work for you, and provide breakthrough insights focused on results and a large ROI. Charlie has C-level experience but is also focused on and available for the small and small medium size business principal and private owners. Charlie has experience in Financial, Marketing, and Management Consulting and using all four to your benefit. Turning Change Into Opportunity You may be experiencing a change in environment, a gradual or sudden downturn or slowdown or you may already be involved in an enhanced rapid growth cycle. If you need immediate rapid objective overview or insight to help make right changes and examine all of your options, then you need the strategic expertise of Charlie Reeds.

Charlie provided break through insight on the well known Paramount Deal and the Time-Warner merger and provided many practical strategic breakthroughs to top CEOs in small, medium and large size companies providing great ROI He has met the challenge establishing cross functional and cross industry expertise and financial core competencies; Researched and analyzed trends protecting the financial welfare of private owners, institutional investors and stockholders; Built successful management teams. Successfully packaged companies for sale, growth, and taking them through the transitional process; Collaborated with some of the top global investment bankers, CPA firms, law firms and corporate management leadership teams throughout active negotiations for very large M&A A premier track record as strategic analysts, and have helped in a number of core competencies adding value to companies and investment clients in multiple industries emphasizing customization for each client and situation.

The right combination of strategies at the right time.  Assistance in formulating the right combination of strategies created at the right time and implemented in the right way.  Designed and fulfilled mission critical initiatives, upgrading efficiency, productivity, tackling critical business issues and adding value to financial and non-financial success factors; Developed programs which stimulated employee moral and customer loyalty; Improved quality meeting the challenge of Pre-IPO and road shows development. Improved national branding for Fortune 500 manufacturers; Established a premier track record in offering strategic insight for the last 18 years to business leaders, CEOs, and Chairmen of large, medium and small sized companies.


Example: Charlie Reeds called the subprime market and conducted and full analysis and report for investors and banks. He has had a gift and talent for spotting financial trends. Charlie is known for his abilbity to spot and analyze financial trends before they take place giving clients a phenomenal edge with financial decisions and advisory.


Click below to see a brief introduction to Charlie Reeds' analysis and calling of the subprime market warning banks and investors of the coming financial tidal wave back in 2004 – 2008. He recorded and wrote a special report back in 2004 giving a full analysis of all the forces that created the crisis and what options are still available moving into the future. This is a very good report to read today. It is available by calling directly at 310-728-9128,