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Our perspective is to help strengthen and protect your bank portfolio while strengthening the companies in that portfolio.  Protecting it is our greatest core value.  Please call us and we will send you special confidential overview and report of how we can help you.

There are many dangers to banks and a new wave of competition and debt that can leave many a bank portfolio damaged and withered by surprise.  

We can help avert this through prevention.

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The Subprime Call of 2004

Lot’s of bankers and others know our historic calling of the subprime market in 2004. 

We have a number of special proprietary programs for banks that help them with the new environment.  If you are a commercial banker and not made the association with us yet then please call or email us ASAP. 

Below are some of the transitionary processes that we suggest for banks after we called the subprime crisis.

 Calling the Subprime Crisis:

Those who listened benefitted greatly financially. Those who did not listen lost hundreds of millions of dollars with no way to recoup their losses. Charlie Reeds has been consistent in this skill over the decades and is available to assist you, your company and organizaition in recognizing your options in today’s environment both from a financial perspective and a marketing perspective. Another angle that must be considered is your internet marketing program.

Contact us directly to access and get a copy of the original analysis of the real estate marektplace and all accompanying data which was issued as a warning and originally published in 2004. The report goes on to advise investors, banks and others what to do before, during and after the subprime crisis and analyzes all the forces at work in this huge and monumental tidal wave of financial change. Learn from a perspective that directs you to the opportunities ahead.


Financial Institution Focus

A number of important factors are applying pressure to the banking industry regarding profitability in upcoming quarters.


Bank Issues:


Portfolio Sub-prime Review


Creative Lending Review


Improving Management and the Employee Process


Offshore Opportunities


Branching Strategies


Anti-Money Laundering Regulation


The Ongoing Necessity of Cutting Cost and Improving Customer Approval


Banks and other businesses must strengthen cost cutting while actually strengthening and enhancing service and innovation.


Improvement begins with the customer and their perceptions.


Banks must think outside of the box with ever more creative approaches and positioning beyond simple traditional activities and paradigms.