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Why Should Your Company Consider Making Us a Private Equity Partner?


Our Model

Globalgoals Incorporated has assembled a group which includes more than 10 investor groups who currently have combined capital under management of over $50 billion. Both we and our partners are focused on investments in the middle market in companies whose gross revenues are between $5 million and $1.5 billion. 

We are also known for our expertise in making a company a leader online over a five year period. 

Globalgoals Incorporated operates as an independent sponsor coming forward with our partner investors to invest in companies whose capital and strategic needs and focus fit our standards.  This gives you many advantages and flexible protections than going other ways partly because of our very strict confidentiality and partly because of our ability to give you lots of options and not lock you into only one deal scenario.  We really understand and look forward to being your partner. 


We have two focal points:


1) Upper middle market minority share investments.($450 million and greater enterprise vallue, global in scope.)

2) Lower middle market minority and majority share investments.($20- $200 million and greater enterpirse value, global in scope.)


We are the minority partners and independent sponsors.   We are not representatives, agents, or brokers (but sometimes can help brokers).  As minority partners we are invested in the future growth of the company adding value going forward.

We also bring in partners for investing in real estate. In this case we partner with the developer and then we will bring in the money. If you are a real estate developer please call us with projects you may have but don’t have the capital to go forward with.  We can help and you will like the way we work. 

Owners and Founders of Mid-Size Companies

We Are All About Minority Growth Investment Capital

Although markets were almost frozen until recently, this is the most important and one of the best times to be looking for growth investment in your company. That being said if you wait you may lose the chance to get the capital and the strategic partner you need and deserve. If you are looking for a minority partner, you have come to the right place. Coming from a sound consulting model, we invest in companies that we believe in and management that we trust.

We have many options available and many advantages to working with us.  We also will make your company a leader online in your niche and we will stand by to make your deal work, so you can never lose.  The timing is definitely now to go forward with this capital invesment because the current environment will not last and later the current opportunity will not be available.  Contact us for even more in an even more in depth profile of the advantages we can offer you.


If you are a instituional fund LP, fund to fund or family office then we understand your priority is to find the funds who can provide the greatest return while providing a proven track record of management.  We have expertise and relationship expertise in the lower middle market fund space. We can be helpful with finding some excellent funds that you may not be familiar with.   We also understand your economics and priority of what you are looking for in todays financial landscape. Please call us today. 

We also add a layer of value to increase your return by making every company we touch a leader online in its niche over a five year period. Our leadership in the breakthrough video and map technologies on the web adds a strategic layer of value to the investment and insures a greater exit value.

Fund GPs

If you are a fund GP we understand your goals.  In today’s landscape giving LP’s the return they deserve as partners is increasingly challenging.  We can help with both sides of the equation.  We have proper due diligence.  We add a layer of value that is second to none making them the leader in their niche, insuring a greater return for you and your LP’s in all five years of the investment.   

If you are raising capital for your next fund we can often play a role at making that process successful.  Please call or email if we haven’t already met.  Since we consider ourselves as having expertise with middle market funds we are very interested to meet directly.

Co Ventures

In certain situations we are able to bring forward more than one group of investors to co-invest in the right companies making our model very flexible and able to insure our partners safe and successful transactions. We go to every length to bring our partners the very best quality companies to invest in, while adding value to our owners with the finest techniques of leadership utilizing the most advanced technologies, management and talent at the appropriate time and with the greatest possible timing, bringing the greatest Return On Investment. Family Offices are often united in our deals going forward with some of our fund partners. 

Venture GPs

We have an very strategic proprietary way to help you minimize the risk of your portfolio companies and you can add it inexpensively to your portfolio for giving your LP’s an extra layer of protection.  Call today to discus your needs.  Are you fund raising in this extremely competitive environment.  We can help you add that strategic layer that makes you a more attractive fund for your LPs. 

Entrepreneurs and Early Stage Companies

We have very strategic and proprietary ways of helping you protect your company going forward and give you greater attractability foing forward with raising money. 

It is a great program and not only wil it help you raise additional capital going foward but it may also provide you with the exit strategy that will guaranty that your company will be a success, which is what it is all about. Call us today to discus your needs.

Program for Global Citizens

At Globalgoals Incorporated we invented the word global family and global culture over 20 years ago.  We have a great program for global citizens from all over the world.  Call us today to find out about the programs that we have that allow you to have citizenship and a great investment opportunity.

No Deal Too Big – No Deal Too Small

Because we have many investor partners, we have the flexibility to work to bring the best possible fit to each of our owners companies. Our added value proposition insures successful future outcomes for our partner investors and takes the risk out of the future for the owners we help. We have a preliminary process of assisting companies and their owners bring their company up to this standard that adds company value to make sure that it measures up to our partners standards. This can make all the difference in the companies’ future success and the success of the transaction and the valuation. We add value to companies assisting in the process of establishing or strengthening their leadership in their niche either regionally, locally, nationally or globally. We also focus on helping companies become the emerging leader in their niche and are specialists in the online technologies that make this possible.” We are great believers in the importance of prior due diligence so that once a transaction is underway it can go forward to success.
We Are All About Minority Growth Investment Capital

 Although markets were almost frozen until recently, this is the most important and one of the best times to be looking for growth investment in your company.  That being said if you wait you may lose the chance to get the capital and the strategic partner you need and deserve.  If you are looking for a minority partner, you have come to the right place.  Coming from a sound consulting model, we invest in companies that we believe in and management that we believe. 

Not Only Money But Strategic Expertise

We not only bring in the money but the expertise to grow the company with you and to make you an emerging leader in your niche, locally, state-wide, nationally, and globally. We are experts at making your company the brand leader online over the next five years and beyond.  This extra layer of value protects everyone in the investment.  We also provide the important pre-due diligence that makes sure things don’t go wrong along the way.  We get started adding value immediately.

Confidentiality Makes The Difference

We are not involved in any public auctions and are not brokers or sellers. We are minority partners in the future of all companies we work with and are involved in adding value to their immediate future. We are firm believers in the power and importance of intellectual property and trade secrets in both service and product businesses. We understand that what makes a company excel is a combination of their human capital, market momentum and their capital foundation. We also understand that it is these trade secrets that often contain the secret of their success. Therefore our commitment to confidentiality is unsurpassedWe don’t make this investment a public process with the chance that things could scar your business history forever due to some red flag you were unaware even existed.  We take care of due diligence and we start adding value in making your business a leader from the day we begin.

Our Confidential Model

Everything we do puts your trade secrets at a premium.  Confidentiality is our core value and there is a good reason why. We have an independent sponsor model which means you won’t get stuck in the middle of a deal wishing for the exit door.  There is always an exit door with us and you will receive only the best valuation for your hard earned value.  If you are not happy with the deal then it will not become a permenent red flag for your future. We also have expertise in expanding the intellectual property side of your business.  Even if you are not a patent focused business, we can help. 

We Are Invested For Both the Short Term and the Long Term

We invest for both the short term and the long term.  Sometimes we will even take the company with you to the next level after five years because we have the ability not only to be active in the first round but also the second.  We may be providing the partner to take take the company forward to the next level.   While this is not always possible it is something we certainly can consider when going forward.  This is an extra layer of protection for you and for everyone in the investment when and if appropriate. 

We have many other proprietary advantages over getting locked into a relationship that you can’t get out of.  Call us with any problems you may have.

Minority Partners

For instance do you have a situation where you wish to take out a minority partner in the business or perhaps even a majority partner who wants to sell?  This is a perfect situation where we can help.